Sunday, May 9, 2021

Elon Musk as Lloyd Ostertag on "What is Dogecoin" on Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Skit !


Last night Elon Musk took over Saturday Night Live, giving the comedy show its biggest audience ever in the history of the show. Check out this hilarious Weekend Update segment with Elon Musk about "What is Dogecoin." Doge dropped over .20 cents last night but not because of Elon Musk, it was mainly because of Barry Dildo and his tweet to his cronies to dump Doge. 

Also multiple automotive companies placed Ads for their crappy cars to run during last nights show in a poor attempt to troll Elon. Musk however, spent zero dollars in advertisement by having the Cybertruck drive around NY city where millions of people saw images, tweets, posts and comments about the space aged looking truck. Currently Doge on is on sale for around .50 cents after the dip, so today is good day to get rich or die trying!

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