Friday, April 23, 2021

Matt Wallace's "Final Stand" on YouTube Video (Opening the Dogecoin Slim Jim)


Dogecoin entrepreneur & aficionado Matt Wallace went live tonite on his YouTube channel "Final Stand" where he opened the ever so famous Dogecoin Slim Jim. Matt Wallace has been gaining notoriety for his content and defense of Dogecoin. I came across Matt's twitter and then YouTube over the last couple of months as I personally have been investing and consistently researching all topics Dogecoin. Wallace is not only a Dogecoin investor but also a huge Elon Musk Tesla guy so I deem him completely trustworthy. If someone is talking sh!t about Matt Wallace and Dogecoin, then they are prolly have some kind of jealously or b!tch made tendencies. You can follow @MattWallace888 on Twitter. Be sure to follow "Final Stand" on YouTube for more Dogecoin content! 

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