Friday, December 4, 2020

Happy Birthday Jay-Z From @662online: CLASSIC Jay-Z "Where Im From" (Official Video) Circa 1997.

Way back when, back when there was no such thing as Instagram or Facebook, there was an era that I can best describe as "The Rise of Jay-Z" era. Back when Jay-Z was emerging out of NYC and 2Pac was still alive, I wasn't a true fan of Jay-Z. I mean I knew about him, I read about him in the Source, I knew some of his songs and features, his story was building, it was interesting, I'm not even gonna lie. But then one day, my boy Vinny (shout out Vinny!!) showed me a VHS tape of Jay-Z's and Dame Dash's "Streets is Watching" movie..........and then it was OVER, that was it, Jay-Z was like a true street entrepreneur telling you his moves in the songs, building an empire, right in front of your face. In the late 90's, Jay-Z said he's got it for the next "10 summers." 

From that point on, every word, every bar, every chorus, every move Jay-Z said or did was calculated and if you followed all that throughout the years, then you would know that Jay-Z is in fact, the King of all Hustlers! He called, he said it, he did it, I saw it, I heard it, millions did. It was like the Holy ascension of a hustler turned rapper who turned into a walking talking business conglomerate. Well today December 4th is his birthday, so we at 662online decided to post Jay-Z videos off and on throughout the day. Peep this 1st one: Jay-Z "Where Im From", a video based on the 1997 epic "The Streets Are Watching" movie. This is super gritty in the Marcy Projects in the 90s, now he is worth a Billion Dollars ! 

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