Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fred VanVleet is now Pop Culture !

Well if you have followed the ascend of Fred VanVleet's NBA career at all, you would know that he just signed a 4 year $85 Million contract extension with the Toronto Raptors last week. You would also know that he is undrafted, and that his contract is the largest in the history of NBA for undrafted players. The NBA champion has a storied career worthy of an ESPN documentary, and now that he just got that big big bag, we can now say that Fred VanVleet is certified Pop Culture. In a city where success don't come easy, what Fred has done is unthinkable. The basketball structure and support in his life from his Step-Dad Joe, to his brother/trainer JD Danforth in his family is like a humbled "Rockford" version of LaVar Ball family.   (Rockford people will know what I mean)

Fred VanVleet hails from my hometown of Rockford, Illinois which has a deep culture of basketball, among many other things, but this contract in my opinion, now makes him bigger than Cheap Trick when it comes to the #815. A NBA champion, with multiple endorsements deals, a Toronto fan favorite who is also one of Drake's favorite players, who even refers to Fred as his twin, has defied all odds in the NBA. Fred is a fierce defender, his step back 3 Point accuracy is nothing less than amazing, but it's his big heart and undying passion that has allowed him to be a force on the court his entire basketball career.  Fred's slogan "Bet On Yourself" and his determination to be great has been recognized and is well deserved. 

From the jets to the courts, Fred keeps a team of his Day-1's around him. His childhood friends like Rockford rapper @AyQuez, Jordan from @FlyGuy Films_ , Keffer Simpson @keffersimpson, Airamis @airmaxx_95 and brother Darnell @darnell_lamr, all contribute to Fred's business endeavors reminiscent of the HBO show "Entourage." Fred even has a FVV store in Downtown Rockford that offers exclusive gear and accessories. A new tradition Fred also started was giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving to families in need. This year he donated 700 Turkeys to the Rockford area. There is so much to talk about when it comes to Fred VanVleet, and much more will come up, so check back on 662online.com for more FVV stories and posts. Shout out to Ay Quez for the assist on this article. The video above was posted minutes ago by Yahoo Canada. I found it at 840 Views. 

Written by C. Hare with Contribution from Ay Quez ! 

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Contributing writer Ay Quez w Fred in China

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