Sunday, November 15, 2020

Election Witness Says Kanye's Michigan Votes Were Stolen for Joe Biden

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that an anonymous election official witnessed votes that were marked for Kanye West in Michigan were counted as votes for Joe Biden. Kanye's late decision to officially run for President caused him to miss the restrictive ballot access requirements in Michigan and many other states as well. Michigan requires independent candidates running for President to collect at least 12,000 petitioned signatures before they can appear on the ballot. So long story short, the people who voted for Kanye in Michigan had to write in his name and then when those ballots were submitted, they were counted for Joe Biden. 

A lot of people think that Kanye's run was to divert 'would be' votes for Joe Biden for Kanye to help Trump win. Instead Michigan allegedly stole those Kanye votes and counted them for Joe Biden. We will have to see how this pans out. But if you follow Parler or Twitter you will definitely see that Michigan was on a bunch of shady ass fraudulent voting tactics that possibly involved vote flipping in the software, counting dead voter's votes, and ballots that were only filled out for Biden. "Those votes were primarily given to Joe Biden," according to the witness, who said "poll workers joked about it as they physically altered ballots to remove votes for Kanye, and instead add them to the Democrat totals. The Secretary of State took these people's vote and changed it"

Now the last time I did a write up on Kanye about him running for President, dropping his 2020 Vision Merch and his champaign pillars, Facebook suspended my 662online "Like"page from running ads and a variety of other functions. Kanye West being the billionaire musical genius that he is, has been criticized and scrutinized in the past for his support of Donald Trump and then also for deciding to run for President. I personally respected Kanye Wests' support of Trump and his decision to run for President. It sure would of been interesting to see Kanye at the debates because he would of been the only speaking the truth!  

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