Friday, November 20, 2020

Charlie Brown gets the Holiday "Green Light" from Apple !


Apple Purchases Peanuts, Now Control Holiday Traditions Loved By Millions !

Originally I was gonna say that not allowing the American people to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and Christmas Specials is like fine tuned new school communism. And being that Apple, bought the rights to the "Peanuts" (that sounds funny) that was even more sketchy. So Apple would have been the reason millions of families who have made watching Charlie Brown's holiday specials a tradition since 1965 a no go, unless you had Apple + of course. 

However over 260,000 people who signed a petition to air the Charlie Brown specials, said otherwise. Apple, realizing that "they done F'd up," in the wrong year to take away Charlie Brown, which could of led to a big ass protest in front of the CEO's house, decided to air the Specials on PBS anyway. So thats pretty cool, but I would definitely expect Apple to find out how many of those 260,000 people who signed the petition, have an iPhone, well thats if they don't know already ! Anyway thanks Apple, my family of 8, will be watching the Charlie Brown specials as we quarantine during the Holidays with hot chocolate and N95 masks ! Watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special" trailer above.

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" will air Nov. 22nd at 6:30 Central Time on PBS.
"A Charlie Brown Christmas" will air Dec. 13th at 6:30 Central Time on PBS.

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