Monday, November 2, 2020

662online Presents: The Frank Haney Interview (Winnebago County Chairman Speaks His Mind in this Full Interview About a Variety of Issues, Policies, and His Time as Chairman)

662online Presents: The Frank Haney Interview. Frank Haney is the current Chairman of the Winnebago County Board in Illinois and his 4 year term is now coming to an end here in a couple months. However, due to politics within Winnebago County, Frank has received his plush salary for almost 2 years without barely any responsibilities whatsoever. His own board voting to strip him of his duties, over what I consider, just bringing a little honesty to the table. He was the new guy coming in, voted by the people for the people, not by the board for the board. He saw a need for reform and change for the benefit of the citizens and he did something about it. That clearly rubbed a few inside cronies the wrong way and an internal battle ensued. This behind the scenes battle made its way, not only to the newspapers and local media, but also to Facebook for all the voters and citizens of Winnebago County to see. Well I one of those citizens, one of those voters, was me. So I decided to do something about it. I decided that I needed to hear Frank Haney's voice without any verbal distractions or emotional posts. 

So to set the record straight, there were a bunch of babies on the Winnebago County Board that voted to have the guy, who was voted in by the people to do a job, stripped of his duties but still receive his full salary. These specific people who voted to strip Frank of his duties, along with their close colleagues, all launched emotional Facebook rants on almost every comment or article Frank posted regarding issues or policies that he agreed or disagreed with. 

I cannot tell you how many times over the last couple years, that I've seen a variety of the same grown ass adults arguing with Frank Haney on Facebook over what he says or thinks. Imagine board members who have been on the board since before social media, arguing like Will Ferrel & John C. Reilly in the movie "Step Brothers." It is literally the same small circle of people slamming their emotional opinions and retaliatory comments all over Facebook like angry high school students. I mean these are people who are voted in to do a job for the people of the County- not to favor their family and friends/financial connections(like Joe Biden). It's actually ridiculous and totally annoying but to be honest, sometimes when I am extremely board, I'll chime in a with a smart ass comment or two or maybe even drop a Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF just for fun. 

However, this time, I decided to bring Frank Haney's voice to 662online. This "interview" represents Frank's view during his time as the Chairman, his opinions, and the facts that are hard for tons of his opponents to swallow. Frank is not running for re-election and he has no ill will toward anyone, but really thinks the citizens of Winnebago County could use a heads up on what really goes on behind closed doors.

As an important side note, this is just a very small glimpse into politics, especially on the federal and national level. One could only imagine what goes on behind the scenes in D.C politics if this is the type of stuff that is going on in a county with only 282,000 people in it. Watch the full interview to hear Frank Haney in his own words! 

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