Sunday, November 29, 2020

Tristan Jass Says He Has Good News & Bad News, Announces 25 New Videos in December

The one man basketball show himself Tristan Jass announced on his YouTube channel today some good news and some bad news. The good news is that he will be dropping a new video everyday from December 1st leading up to Christmas Day. Check out his newest video to find out the bad news and other info from my one of my son's favorite basketball players. You can follow @TristanJass on Twitter. 

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Nephew Sam "Back Then" (Official Video) Shot by @BonoNikolic #815

Rockford Rapper Nephew Sam dropped a new music video "Back Then" shot by @BonoNikolic earlier this week. "Back Then" is currently available on all streaming platforms. This is a dope video from the #815 artist. You can follow @nephew_sam on Twitter, and be on the look out of this next project "CARS & STARS"

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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Lil Moody "XXX" Ft. MCX LLETTI (Official Video) Directed by Drew Gates

Madison, Wisconsin rapper Lil Moody links up with Rockford rapper MCX LLETTI for this video "XXX" Shot by @TrxppyLyfe. You can follow @LilMoody608 @mcxlletti and @Drewski4452 on IG. 

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Jaleel Wavy's Rockford Rap’s debut interview with Ay Quez, the two talk (Music, Boi-1da, Drake, & Quez's New Brand MichaeLamont)

In this interview, Jaleel Wavy sits down with Ay Quez as they discuss his journey as an artist. Quez describes remaining authentic to his music, working with Grammy award-winning producer Boi-1da, celebrating the Toronto Raptor's Championship with Drake, his non-profit Touching Soles, his new brand "MichaeLamont" and much, much more. You can follow @AyQuez on IG.

 Rockford Rap is a website that highlights the booming music scene in the 815 area, as well as teaching artists how to self promote themselves. 

The voice you hear behind the camera is @jaleelwavy, he was brought on to be the face of the site. He is always vocal about supporting Rockford music and with his past experience in the podcasting space, this fit makes sense. 

@rockfordrap on all social media platforms 
@jaleelwavy on all social media platforms 

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Dax "Joker Returns" (Official Video) Shot by Loganmeis

Dax delivers his second Joker installment, this time with his new video "Joker Returns" shot by Loganmeis. The message Dax delivers here, brings an awareness to bullying and how that can lead to suicide. The Canadian rapper who's profound lyrics, relevant punchlines, and messages in his video's sets Dax apart from many of the newer rappers over the last few years. I've been posting Dax for over a year now, and although I have received some hate mail and text messages from rappers and associates in Los Angeles about this and that when I do, I still decided to post "Joker Returns", follow @ThatsDax on IG. 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Fred VanVleet is now Pop Culture !

Well if you have followed the ascend of Fred VanVleet's NBA career at all, you would know that he just signed a 4 year $85 Million contract extension with the Toronto Raptors last week. You would also know that he is undrafted, and that his contract is the largest in the history of NBA for undrafted players. The NBA champion has a storied career worthy of an ESPN documentary, and now that he just got that big big bag, we can now say that Fred VanVleet is certified Pop Culture. In a city where success don't come easy, what Fred has done is unthinkable. The basketball structure and support in his life from his Step-Dad Joe, to his brother/trainer JD Danforth in his family is like a humbled "Rockford" version of LaVar Ball family.   (Rockford people will know what I mean)

Fred VanVleet hails from my hometown of Rockford, Illinois which has a deep culture of basketball, among many other things, but this contract in my opinion, now makes him bigger than Cheap Trick when it comes to the #815. A NBA champion, with multiple endorsements deals, a Toronto fan favorite who is also one of Drake's favorite players, who even refers to Fred as his twin, has defied all odds in the NBA. Fred is a fierce defender, his step back 3 Point accuracy is nothing less than amazing, but it's his big heart and undying passion that has allowed him to be a force on the court his entire basketball career.  Fred's slogan "Bet On Yourself" and his determination to be great has been recognized and is well deserved. 

From the jets to the courts, Fred keeps a team of his Day-1's around him. His childhood friends like Rockford rapper @AyQuez, Jordan from @FlyGuy Films_ , Keffer Simpson @keffersimpson, Airamis @airmaxx_95 and brother Darnell @darnell_lamr, all contribute to Fred's business endeavors reminiscent of the HBO show "Entourage." Fred even has a FVV store in Downtown Rockford that offers exclusive gear and accessories. A new tradition Fred also started was giving away turkeys for Thanksgiving to families in need. This year he donated 700 Turkeys to the Rockford area. There is so much to talk about when it comes to Fred VanVleet, and much more will come up, so check back on for more FVV stories and posts. Shout out to Ay Quez for the assist on this article. The video above was posted minutes ago by Yahoo Canada. I found it at 840 Views. 

Written by C. Hare with Contribution from Ay Quez ! 

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Contributing writer Ay Quez w Fred in China

Russ "Who Wants What" Ft. Ab-Soul (Official Video)


Russ dropped his "Chomp" EP last week that features Busta Rhymes, DJ Premier, Ab-Soul, & The Weekend. And Im gonna be honest, this EP goes hard AF ! Check out this video "Who Wants What" ft. Ab-Soul. Follow @russdiemon on Twitter. 

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Friday, November 20, 2020

Charlie Brown gets the Holiday "Green Light" from Apple !


Apple Purchases Peanuts, Now Control Holiday Traditions Loved By Millions !

Originally I was gonna say that not allowing the American people to watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving and Christmas Specials is like fine tuned new school communism. And being that Apple, bought the rights to the "Peanuts" (that sounds funny) that was even more sketchy. So Apple would have been the reason millions of families who have made watching Charlie Brown's holiday specials a tradition since 1965 a no go, unless you had Apple + of course. 

However over 260,000 people who signed a petition to air the Charlie Brown specials, said otherwise. Apple, realizing that "they done F'd up," in the wrong year to take away Charlie Brown, which could of led to a big ass protest in front of the CEO's house, decided to air the Specials on PBS anyway. So thats pretty cool, but I would definitely expect Apple to find out how many of those 260,000 people who signed the petition, have an iPhone, well thats if they don't know already ! Anyway thanks Apple, my family of 8, will be watching the Charlie Brown specials as we quarantine during the Holidays with hot chocolate and N95 masks ! Watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special" trailer above.

"A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" will air Nov. 22nd at 6:30 Central Time on PBS.
"A Charlie Brown Christmas" will air Dec. 13th at 6:30 Central Time on PBS.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

El Chapo's Kids Build New School with Computers and TVs in Sinanola


(Reuters & Adry Torres of the The children of drug lord Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman have helped build a makeshift school for families who have no access to online classes during the coronavirus pandemic. 

It took just six days for three workers to clear the debris out of a land plot near the Mexican city of Culiacan after they were dispatched by Ovidio Guzmán, Jesús Guzmán and Iván Guzmán - otherwise known as 'Los Chapitos'.

The makeshift learning center welcomed more than 90 children November 2nd in the northern Culiacán neighborhood of Bicentennial Extension. Read the Full Article Here > El Chapo's kids build school !

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Blake Banks "Can't Stop The Rain" (Official Video)

You'll get wet with Blake Banks' new music video. Shot and edited by Liam Walsh, whose video art is being collected by underground artists. And directed by ikilledKiki, this team has created the last 5 videos for Blake Banks' next album "Risky Business". Dive in and get lost with the band on this underwater adventure, and add the single to your favorite playlist now. This grungy love ballad will set the seasons' mood off right, guaranteed to get stuck in your head. 

Blake Banks has carved out a groove of his own by blending and bending genres to create his own unique sound. His utilization of the Rap, Pop, Country, and Blues genres alone tells you why so many top tear musical artists, like Post Malone, can be found throughout his music catalog.

Twitter: @blakexbanks

Instagram: @blakebanks

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Sunday, November 15, 2020

This New @MODSUN "Karma' (Official Video) Directed by @MachineGunKelly Does Not Disappoint !

Covid-19 has not stopped Mod Sun from doing his thing this year. He has worked with Machine Gun Kelly a couple of times, released multiple music videos and back in March he was on tour when the lockdowns started. Mod Sun's relationship with MGK has now morphed into the "Devil Rap" god directed a music video for him. Check out Mod Sun's new video "Karma" directed by Mr. Machine Gun Kelly. This 90's punk rock style video is a pure gem. You can follow @ModSun & @MachineGunKelly on Twitter. 

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Election Witness Says Kanye's Michigan Votes Were Stolen for Joe Biden

The Gateway Pundit is reporting that an anonymous election official witnessed votes that were marked for Kanye West in Michigan were counted as votes for Joe Biden. Kanye's late decision to officially run for President caused him to miss the restrictive ballot access requirements in Michigan and many other states as well. Michigan requires independent candidates running for President to collect at least 12,000 petitioned signatures before they can appear on the ballot. So long story short, the people who voted for Kanye in Michigan had to write in his name and then when those ballots were submitted, they were counted for Joe Biden. 

A lot of people think that Kanye's run was to divert 'would be' votes for Joe Biden for Kanye to help Trump win. Instead Michigan allegedly stole those Kanye votes and counted them for Joe Biden. We will have to see how this pans out. But if you follow Parler or Twitter you will definitely see that Michigan was on a bunch of shady ass fraudulent voting tactics that possibly involved vote flipping in the software, counting dead voter's votes, and ballots that were only filled out for Biden. "Those votes were primarily given to Joe Biden," according to the witness, who said "poll workers joked about it as they physically altered ballots to remove votes for Kanye, and instead add them to the Democrat totals. The Secretary of State took these people's vote and changed it"

Now the last time I did a write up on Kanye about him running for President, dropping his 2020 Vision Merch and his champaign pillars, Facebook suspended my 662online "Like"page from running ads and a variety of other functions. Kanye West being the billionaire musical genius that he is, has been criticized and scrutinized in the past for his support of Donald Trump and then also for deciding to run for President. I personally respected Kanye Wests' support of Trump and his decision to run for President. It sure would of been interesting to see Kanye at the debates because he would of been the only speaking the truth!  

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Monday, November 9, 2020

Supreme sells for $2.1 Billion to Vans Parent Company (VF Corp).. You Heard That Right, $2.1 Billion !!

(Article from GQ Magazine by Rachel Tashjian) Technically, yes. Denver-based VF Corporation, which owns Supreme collaborators like The North Face, Timberland, and Vans, as well as workwear brands like Dickies and Napapijri, announced this morning that it will acquire Supreme for $2.1 billion. Supreme’s current investors, The Carlyle Group and Goode Partners, will sell their stakes. You may recall that Carlyle paid $500 million for a 50% stake in Supreme back in 2017; as one writer has already joked, this makes The Carlyle Group the world’s most successful Supreme reseller.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Sadababy Drops Episode 1 of "The Sada Continues Vlog Series.. Sada Invades Vegas" Filmed by @FLIPSHT

662online's Detroit partner and correspondent, Flip Tripplett went to Las Vegas last weekend with Sadababy, who is one of the hottest artists in the game right now. Check out episode 1 of "The Sada Continues Vlog Series" filmed by Flip. You can follow @SadaBaby and @FlipSht on Twitter. 662 will keep you up to date on Sada's Vlog Series so stay tuned. Make sure you remember you heard about Sadababy on 662online as this dude will definitely being BIG soon. Detroit is always dropping big names in a big way and the whole D has Sada's back. Look him up on Google to find out more about his backstory and connections. 

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Ohio Rapper Cal Scruby Releases Another Video "Chess Not Checkers" From His Album "While You Were Sleeping"

Ohio rapper turned Los Angeles resident Cal Scruby has been dropping video gems from his album "While You Were Sleeping" for weeks now. Peep his newest video "Chess Not Checkers" directed by @JRStrickland. This song is super dope. I've been bumping Cal for a couple weeks now. Cal Scruby's albums are available on all streaming platforms. You can follow @CalScruby on Twitter and IG. 

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662online Presents: The Frank Haney Interview (Winnebago County Chairman Speaks His Mind in this Full Interview About a Variety of Issues, Policies, and His Time as Chairman)

662online Presents: The Frank Haney Interview. Frank Haney is the current Chairman of the Winnebago County Board in Illinois and his 4 year term is now coming to an end here in a couple months. However, due to politics within Winnebago County, Frank has received his plush salary for almost 2 years without barely any responsibilities whatsoever. His own board voting to strip him of his duties, over what I consider, just bringing a little honesty to the table. He was the new guy coming in, voted by the people for the people, not by the board for the board. He saw a need for reform and change for the benefit of the citizens and he did something about it. That clearly rubbed a few inside cronies the wrong way and an internal battle ensued. This behind the scenes battle made its way, not only to the newspapers and local media, but also to Facebook for all the voters and citizens of Winnebago County to see. Well I one of those citizens, one of those voters, was me. So I decided to do something about it. I decided that I needed to hear Frank Haney's voice without any verbal distractions or emotional posts. 

So to set the record straight, there were a bunch of babies on the Winnebago County Board that voted to have the guy, who was voted in by the people to do a job, stripped of his duties but still receive his full salary. These specific people who voted to strip Frank of his duties, along with their close colleagues, all launched emotional Facebook rants on almost every comment or article Frank posted regarding issues or policies that he agreed or disagreed with. 

I cannot tell you how many times over the last couple years, that I've seen a variety of the same grown ass adults arguing with Frank Haney on Facebook over what he says or thinks. Imagine board members who have been on the board since before social media, arguing like Will Ferrel & John C. Reilly in the movie "Step Brothers." It is literally the same small circle of people slamming their emotional opinions and retaliatory comments all over Facebook like angry high school students. I mean these are people who are voted in to do a job for the people of the County- not to favor their family and friends/financial connections(like Joe Biden). It's actually ridiculous and totally annoying but to be honest, sometimes when I am extremely board, I'll chime in a with a smart ass comment or two or maybe even drop a Michael Jackson eating popcorn GIF just for fun. 

However, this time, I decided to bring Frank Haney's voice to 662online. This "interview" represents Frank's view during his time as the Chairman, his opinions, and the facts that are hard for tons of his opponents to swallow. Frank is not running for re-election and he has no ill will toward anyone, but really thinks the citizens of Winnebago County could use a heads up on what really goes on behind closed doors.

As an important side note, this is just a very small glimpse into politics, especially on the federal and national level. One could only imagine what goes on behind the scenes in D.C politics if this is the type of stuff that is going on in a county with only 282,000 people in it. Watch the full interview to hear Frank Haney in his own words! 

Written by @ChrisHare662 on Twitter
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