Saturday, October 31, 2020

Ice Cube Clears The Air About "Working" with Trump on the "Contract with Black America"

Hip Hop icon, actor, and entrepreneur Ice Cube has been getting slammed all week for allowing the Trump Administration to work with him on his "Contract with Black America."  The Fake News, which is real. Will tell you, that Ice Cube is selling out, or that he supports Trump and all this, but in reality, if you actually listen to Ice Cube and not just read the headlines you see on your feed and in the news you will find out that there is so much more to it than that. The whole point of Cube working with the President, is that Ice Cube is working with the President, of the United States, to create a better situation for black communities. Trump listened and followed through. Biden didn't! 

Now lets face it, there is prolly a large size population of people under 27 or so, that would automatically be like "Fuck Ice Cube" for any of his involvement with President Trump. But there is an even larger sized population of people who can just plainly call bullshit, when they see it. A majority of everything Democratic policy or social issue of concern comes with a hidden agenda. And its safe to say that Ice Cube, has seen a side of politics that favor agendas over people's rights. The elite Democratic influencers and the elite Democratic financial support system has been raging in full effect for months, like some bad 80s movie on steroids, filmed in HD with cameos from every ass hat, actor, singer, activist, emotional college students to anti-Trump Republicans and one wicked witch from the West. 2020 is the year of agendas that manipulate people via brainwashing and mind control algorithms by big tech and social media CEO's. Now Ice Cube can say he has gone up against Mainstream Media, making him a certified Triple OG OG once again. Check out the link below for more info on Ice Cube's "Contact With Black America." And remember folk no ONE is canceling Ice Cube EVER!

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