Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Travis Scott is the Master of the McDonald's Universe

3 Things Travis Scott has done this year all have been of epic proportions. 1) He performed on Fortnite in front of millions 2) Only released 1 song associated with the "Tenet" movie and now 3) he became master of the McDonald's Universe with his $6 "Travis Scott Meal Deal" that consists of a Quarter Pound w/ Cheese, Bacon, Lettuce, Pickles, Onion and Ketchup that will for sure keep hypebeasts and mini van moms in the drive thru. Oh yea don't forget that last night he also dropped his own designed line of McDonalds x Travis Scott merchandise which you can purchase before you find yourself searching eBay, Stock X and other online resellers for 10 times a much, right here at >

Travis Scott is now like the Michael Jordan of the music business, or should we say that Michael Jordan was the Travis Scott of basketball. From Nike, to Kylie Jenner to Fortnite to McDonalds, one could never say that Travis does not GO BIG ! Visit one of these McDonalds in the Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin area found here on this website > ( to get your "Travis Scott Meal Deal" and tell them "Cactus Jack" sent you. 

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