Monday, September 7, 2020

Rockford Mayor Posts "Dump Trump" baby onesie on Twitter

Looking to get shock and awe on your twitter, ask Mayor of Rockford, Illinois Tom McNamara for an example on how to do this. Today he tweeted a picture of the first onesie he ever bought his daughter four years ago that reads "Dump Trump" on the back by the dumper area. Now whether you think this is cute, funny, despicable, immature, inappropriate, or a true feeling that you actually have, I think you should let him know how you feel so it will boost the numbers on this twitter post. Here is a link to his twitter >

After watching months of Democratic mayors letting their cities burn and be destroyed by professional anti-american violent protestors and refuse President Trumps federal assistance to combat cities like Portland, Seattle, New York, DC, etc I personally think that is not funny. Now I will not lie to you, the younger immature Democrat that I used to be, would think that this is friggin absolutely hilarious, so out of all fairness and balance I had to post this today. Now for the record, I am not for or against Trump for President, but I definitely would NEVER vote for Joe Biden, which leaves me in a very awkward place this election, but whatever ! 

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