Monday, September 14, 2020

Rapper King Tooley Oahlad Releases Video "Bad Angel" Depicting Him Performing Live w/ His Foot on a Cop's Neck

North Carolina Rapper King Tooley Oahlad teams up with Charlotte guitarist Brosnan Granger for this recreation of "Bad Angel" in this "Live Performance" music video. Tooley, a Rockford, Illinois native has been quiet all year but makes a loud statement with "Bad Angel" a video depicting the rapper's foot on the neck of a white police officer. With the news being dominated by protests due to the way police officers treat African-Americans so unjustly, this video is a reminder that this is now attached to this generations life and memories forever. You can follow @IamKingTooley on Instagram. Be sure to watch "Bad Angel" and like, comment and subscribe to Wasom TV on YouTube. 

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