Wednesday, September 16, 2020

New Jersey Based Jewish Rapper Kosha Dillz Drops New Song "w9" (a song about unemployment ?!)


Kosha Dillz is at worst the most interesting rapper in the "World." This New Jersey native known for his freestyling at live shows with objects fans throw up on the stage as he spits off the top of his head as they do so recently released a new song "w9" produced by Sad Pony. Kosha is one of the hardest working independent rappers in the game who has not only traveled the world to perform, but also has had a playable character on NBA2K, was in a Logic video, had his website hacked by ISIS, made bank off a Ford TV commercial that debuted during a Super Bowl, has lived in Israel and Los Angeles where he was known as the illest Jewish rapper in Korean Town. And all that, is just scratching the surface. Check out Kosha's new song "w9" and be sure to follow him at @KoshaDillz on Twitter and IG. 

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