Wednesday, September 16, 2020

NBA 2K21 Review by DJ Billi Hendrixxx of 662online

NBA 2K21 is back with its most dynamic game out to date yet. Featuring cover athletes; Damian Lillard, rookie sensation, Zion Williamson, as well as, the legend Kobe “Bean” Bryant. You won’t be bored as there are many options to play from: MyTeam, MyCareer, MyGM mode and more.

2K21 has everything you will need if you’re a true basketball fan. The creators added some great new features such as the aim shot stick and the improved dribbling/energetic dunk animations, to list a few. If you enjoy a good story, the MyCareer mode is just for you. After the story, it will lead you right into the “Neighborhood” which has all the fan favorites like “The Park”, “The Rec” and “Pro-AM.” On the other hand, if you want to get right into gameplay I suggest Quick Game. MyTeam and MyGM are going to be what you choose to build a team from the ground up. Using MyTeam, you can build your dream team with many different cards.

You could build a 99 Overall Fred Van Vleet—Rockford native— and team him with the likes of VC, Kawhi, Hakeem and Spicy P (Siakam). The possibilities are limitless in this mode which is really cool. To sum it up, the gameplay is smooth and all the new and/or improved features are great. The only thing I wouldn’t have changed, is the aim shot feature. I think 2K should stick to the old school basics of Square/X (PS4/XBOX) and the flick of the analog stick. It definitely makes for a much smoother gameplay. Other than that, 2K produced another stellar game in my eyes. Shout out to 2K's Influencer Marketing Manager Constant Walker who has been a long time regular supporter of 662online. We would like to congratulate Constant on his most recent job promotion at the coolest most popular video game company in the world. Be sure to buy your copy of NBA2k21 through out Amazon Affiliate Marketing Offer available here > Click to Buy NBA2K21

-DJ Billi Hendrixxx
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