Saturday, September 5, 2020

McDonalds Announces "The Travis Scott Meal Deal" to Launch Sept 8th

Last month the rumor mill starting circulating that McDonald's and Travis Scott were cooking up something fresh. Yesterday McDonalds announced that on Sept. 8th they will launch the "Travis Scott Double Quarter Pounder Meal." The Travis Scott version of the Quarter Pounder will add bacon and lettuce along with a Sprite, a side of fries and BBQ dipping sauce. The meal costs $6 and McDonald's says "It's lit!" using one of Scott's signature tag lines. You will be able to get the "Travis Scott Meal Deal" at any of the 18 McDonalds in the Illinois/Wisconsin state line and other participating stores. Click link to find one of your favorite McDonalds locations here > Rockford/Madison McDonalds

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