Wednesday, August 5, 2020

#WestCoastWed on 662: Dr. Dre "Still Dre" Ft. Snoop Dogg (Official Video)

The West Coast architect Dr. Dre was in the news last week for taking a knee with Cap, then this week, it was reported that his wife filed for divorce and is challenging the prenup she signed years ago. His soon to be ex-wife, Nicole Young wants half of the kit and caboodle, Dre is estimated to be worth around 1 BILLION DOLLARS ! She claims that two years into the marriage, Dre felt guilty about the prenup and ripped it up right in front of her (no lawyers were in involved in this of course). 

However, Andre "Dr. Dre" Young will use all his power and resources to prevent that from happening but is willing to pay for spousal support and all of her expenses according to So since Dr. Dre always prevails, and its Wednesday, enjoy his video featuring Snoop which is one of my favorite songs in the world "Still Dre" for #WestCoastWednesday on 662 ! 

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