Saturday, August 1, 2020

Trump to Ban Tik Tok As Early As Today !

Last night President Trump says he plays to ban Tik Tok in America via an executive order he will sign as early as today over security concerns. Trump has been on that ass putting pressure on Tik Tok which may cause the Chinese company who owns it to sell. Trump claims that the Chinese app, is a major security breach that could be used against the U.S. The problem is the leading contender in the purchase is Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates who has ties to the Chinese tech world, so let just leave that there for now. 

Tik Tok has million of US users including mostly teenagers, so luckily they cannot vote, because if Trump bans the app, even in the best interests of America, it will cause an uproar. Last month India banned Tik Tok and 90 some other Chinese apps for the same reasons as Trump. The parent company of Tik Tok called ByteDance will be forced to sell and according to Wall Street experts, there are 2-3 other companies interested in purchasing it. The Navy and Army have already banned Tik Tok on all government forms and the Pentagon has recommended that its employee's also delete the app from their phones to prevent U.S security breaches. 

I can't wait to see what AOC and Pelosi has to say about this. AOC proudly bragged that she convinced thousands upon thousands of teenage Tik Tok users to registered for Trump's Tulsa rally to inflate the potential amount of attendees. The downside is that when they registered for the rally the users had to enter some private information, that now can and has been able to track. 

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