Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Rkham "Rapsheet" (Official Video) #815

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A good friend of mine from way back named Sean, who took me to a recording studio for the first ever back in the 90s, which forever launched me into the business interests of music and entertainment recently suggest that I check out this kid who lived by him in a northern suburb of Rockford, Illinois. Immediately, I could tell that the video was well thought out with what they were working with and for the concept which I respected. I also liked the darkness of the video which is called "Rapsheet." So I hit Sean back up like "yo that shit is pretty dope, I'm gonna post that!" However a couple of weeks have gone by and I forgot about that until today, so now today here is the video "Rapsheet" by Rkham from the #815. You can follow @Rkham_Official on IG.

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