Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Full “Banned” Millie Weave #ShadowGate Documentary

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Known Info Wars Reporter Millie Weaver, was arrested on Friday August 14th, the morning of her controversial "ShadowGate" documentary release. Police showed up with a Grand Jury Indictment and arrested her and her boyfriend in front of her young crying children as she filmed it on her cell phone in confusion. The video was posted on twitter and quickly gained thousands of retweets. 

The mainstream media however has been completely mum about the situation with absolutely no coverage of this story at all. The police would not release any information on her arrest until yesterday morning when the documents were unsealed. It is reported that back in April, Millie and her mother had an altercation over a cell phone recording of an argument between the two. It appears that Millie took the cell phone in question and disposed of it. Her mother called the police but days later asked the police to drop the charges. Approximately 4 weeks ago the indictment was issued but for some reason they waited until the morning of the release of "ShadowGate" to actually arrest her. 
I know of Millie Weaver because of Alex Jones, but this past May is when I took to one of her YouTube videos about the Sunrise Movement in Minneapolis. The Sunrise Movement which is billed as an American youth-led political movement coordinated by Sunrise, a 501 political action organization that advocates political action on climate change. However, in Millie's video, there are scenes where your average looking soccer mom is on a Zoom meeting with other people mainly women from what I could tell, instructing them on how to create chaos and mayhem in Minneapolis the nights following the illegal killing of George Floyd by Officer Derek Chauvin. For the record, I am 110% against police brutality and corruption and have been long before this situation. I grew up in the era of 2pac, Ice Cube, Public Enemy, and NWA where the whole F*CK THE POLICE thing was instilled and brainwashed into my young brain by default. Over the years, me and my friends have too been victims of police abuse and harassment, and to be even more honest, I have a first cousin who's husband was killed by police during a raid, with (wait for it) a knee to the neck, cutting off circulation of air leading to his death right there in front of his wife. But with that being said, I still do not believe that defunding the police, or abolishing the police is a good idea at all. There is no reason for mainly white guys dressed in all black destroying city and federal property going around beating and killing innocent people in extreme liberal cities like Portland and Seattle. Oh wait a minute, there are reasons many reasons. Mainly because those "protesters" are not protesters because they are professionally trained rioters backed "secretly" by powerful elites and friends of corrupt politicians. I look at Portland and Seattle as test markets for how to take down cities in the future. But thats a different story. 

Now, lets talk about "ShadowGate" where Millie interviews two whistleblowers who claim to have knowledge of “military-grade psychology warfare weapons being used on American citizens.” These "weapons" are used to influence elections, entice violence, brainwash people into thinking select agendas are real enough to act on with emotion and even using I.A.A systems, social media infiltration, hacking, and fake news reports to all in an attempt to oust President Trump. I will note that the documentary makes a reference to Roger Stone being involved with one of the contracting companies which he fully denounced yesterday on his Parler account. I will post this documentary for you to watch and you can make your own decisions and do your own research to pick apart what you may or may not think is possible. 

The main point is that the police used a very bogus charged, trumped it up as much as they can and most likely coordinated her and her boyfriends arrest over a family argument and a $50 cell phone as retribution for her documentary "ShadowGate." None of which can be proven or not proven. The who what where when and why the incident between Millie and her mother is not as important as the timing of the arrest, the mainstream media's avoidance of this story or the content in the documentary. Not to mention there are people literally burning down police departments and federal buildings and no one is getting arrested for that. 

And last but not least, Millie was released from jail yesterday, and I can't wait for her next YouTube video. You can follow @Millie_Weaver on Twitter or subscribe to her YouTube Channel "Millennial Millie."

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