Sunday, August 2, 2020

Legend McCall "Look Around" (Official Video) #815

Legend McCall drops his 2nd video this week, this time he delivers "Look Around." This #815 rapper stays on some BOSS shit compared to a lot of you punks. Ya'll should take some notes on how to be dope and humble at the same time. You can follow @Legend_McCall on Twitter and IG.

And so once again my ever so loyal barber @D.A1exander (IG) put me on to Legend McCall last year, followed by Jaleel West who co-signed the Rockford rapper on an interview I did with him last summer on his Wavy Podcast ! 

Before you other rappers start bragging about yourself to some lame broad, make sure you "Look Around" to make sure the Legend is not in your vicinity. 

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