Friday, August 21, 2020

C. Hare's view on Kanye's campaign plus Ye was kicked off the Wisconsin Ballot

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Yesterday the Wisconsin Elections Commission voted 5-1 to kick Kanye West and his running mate Michelle Tidball off of the state's ballot because the Birthday Party Candidates did not submit their paperwork in time which was by 5pm on August 4th. 

Every since Kanye came out of that MK Ultra camp or whatever the f@ck that was, that happened a few years ago that lead to his break down and hospitalization, he has been a media magnet. Eventually Kanye returned to the public eye, but with a whole new emotional structure, driving a Tesla rocking a  
MAGA hat. The attention Kanye received from the media and upon his wishes lead to the historic meeting he had with President Trump in the Oval Office at the White House. It immediately became a problem for a lot of people, especially those in the Hip Hop industry. Snoop Dogg was the most vocal about West, but was not the only one. 

I personally didn't have a problem with it, because I was raised to just let everyone vote for who they want to vote for and let everyone believe whatever religion they believe in, and it was that simple..... Im trying to be around people like that, who live on that level, because that is thee "best place" to network, think straight and succeed at. 

Anyway fast forward to the epic blockbuster of a year 2020, where now, the Democrats have a problem with Kanye, because they think his campaign is a voter distraction to basically steal away votes from Joe Biden to help Trump. The open target of the demographic, of the would be most likely Democratic voters who do not want to vote for Trump, but definitely do not want to vote for Biden either is bigger than you think. Plus tons of these voters in that demographic are first time voters and since every vote counts, (except for the ones that get counted multiple times or "lost in the mail" of course) the Democrats know they would lose those votes and then some with Kanye on the ticket in blue and swing states. 

I personally don't believe Kanye is a distraction for Trump until Anonymous releases a video about it. I think Ye is just that audacious, I think he thinks everything matters, and he tries to do everything he can about all of it, and sometimes it drives him crazy but its a genius crazy. I pretty sure I figured some of it out. But until then, Kanye is gonna be Kanye no matter what anyone thinks, so we all just my as well let Kanye do Kanye things ! 

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