Sunday, August 2, 2020

Celebrity Chaos: Sex, Drugs and Dirty Laundry: Inside Johnny Depp & Amber Heard Case (60 Mins Australia)

"It’s a Hollywood drama like the world has never seen. With an A-list cast, it’s full of intrigue and fiery dialogue, and topped off with lashings of sex and drugs. There is even a pivotal scene set right here in Australia, starring politician Barnaby Joyce. But this production isn’t playing at any theatre. Centre stage is a London court where actor Johnny Depp is suing an English tabloid for calling him a wife beater. As Tom Steinfort reveals, no one is going to win an Oscar, but Depp and his one-time bride, actress Amber Heard, have been putting on the performance of their lives, airing every sordid detail of their bizarre and doomed marriage" (60 Mins Australia)

Now Ive been watching Johnny Depp movies most of my life it seems like from Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of The Caribbean Movies, to Donnie Brasco, the list goes on and on. So in my true form, of following "Celebrity Chaos" I find it a must that I post this video that 60 Mins aired in Australia last night. Enjoy !

By the way, was Johnny Depp's name on the Epstein flight log?

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