Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Run Forest Run ! Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson become Greek Citizens....?!?!?

The man behind classic movies such as "BIG", "Splash", "Forest Gump" as well as producer of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding", "Mamma Mia" and countless of other films who was the first public celebrity to come forward and claim to have the Corona Virus. But was also one of the first big names to be named online in underground circles to be involved suspiciously in the grotesque hollywood pedophilia ring along with Oprah, Ellen and many other mega stars has coincidentally became a citizen along with his wife Rita Wilson of Greece yesterday. 

So lets put this into perspective, many think his Corona Virus claim was bogus as he looked like he was locked up more than he was in quarantine. Also there was a slew of other odd things that took place after that, not just with Hanks, but with his wife Rita and his illuminati tatted up son Chet. Also since his name has popped up in just about every single search when referring to pedophilia in Hollywood due to the whole Jeffrey Epstein spotlight, it is safe to say that if Hanks is ever going to be charged with lying to the world to promote Covid or for any sick child crimes that he will be not be extradited from Greece because Greece has a "no extradition" standard. If you ever want to be confused or creeped out just follow Tom Hanks IG or simply search him in YouTube. 

Run Forest Run !

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