Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Inside The Wicked Saga of Jeffrey Epstein: The Arrest Ghislaine Maxwell (60 Mins Australia)

Take an inside look at what was really going on with the 58 year old Ghislaine Maxwell and her connection to billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Currently Maxwell is locked up in New York after being transferred from a New Hampshire jail. Maxwell is accused of luring and recruiting underage girls for Epstein and other sexual abuse charges. Epstein who mysteriously "committed suicide" last summer while being locked up for sex-trafficking left behind a trail of mysteries. Epstein whom was connected to the biggest celebrities, billionaires and politicians in the world was said to have taped recorded and or filmed many powerful people in very compromising situations, all of which Maxwell is very aware of. Plus there is the infamous "book of names" of who flew in and out of Pedophilia Island that someone def knows something about. And 9 days before she her arrest, Hollywood Film Investor Steven Bing "committed suicide" by jumping out of his apartment, ON THE 27TH FLOOR ! The Fake News Media, is reporting that he was depressed from being quarantined for months and from having no interaction with other people. But really he knew the Clintons and Epstein, and was in that Pedo circle. These PizzaGate cronies and types all have their panties in a bunch right now and we shall see if Ghislaine makes it to court, or if she reunites with Epstein, because if there was ever a person "who just knew too much" Ghislaine Maxwell def knows too much. 

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