Thursday, July 2, 2020

F.B.I Arrests Jeffrey Epsteins' Underboss Ghislaine Maxwell (Will Maxwell Take The 6ix9ine Route?)

(Photo Credit: NBC NEWS)

Will Ghislaine Maxwell go the Sammy the Bull & 6ix9ine route?

Ghislane Maxwell was arrested this morning in New Hampshire by New York federal prosecutors on sexual abuse charges
and will appear in court later today. Maxwell and Epstein had a long strange yet very close relationship and it is 100% guaranteed she knows EVERYTHING! Now, assuming nothing happens to her in jail, she will either spill the beans and take down the world's most powerful businessmen, politicians and entertainers or she will take what she knows to the grave. Maxwell organized and procured under age girls and desperate women for Epstein to abuse and share with his cronies on his infamous island. Almost one year ago, Jeff Epstein was found dead of an "apparent suicide" that was surrounded by many missteps and mysteries. Let's see how this pans out, but Id expect a new extremely dramatic media event to distract us from the bulk of this situation. 

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