Monday, July 20, 2020

UPDATED: Assassin Dressed as FedEx Worker Kills Judge Who's Working on an Epstein Case Son / Injures Husband !

Ok, so in New Jersey, there is a US District Court judge, her name is Judge Esther Salas. 4 days ago she was assigned a class action lawsuit brought against a German Deutsche Bank that had involvement with child sex trafficker and billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and other high risk customers. Well last night, an assassin dressed as a Fed Ex worker knocked on the door of Judge Salas' house. Her 20 year old son Daniel Anderl, was immediately shot to death upon opening the door, her husband Mark, who was a prominent defense attorney was injured. The assassin disappeared into the night. 

Judge Salas has presided over other high profile cases that gain her attention of many potential suspects if she was indeed the intended target. My guess this was Epstein related, only because he was known to tell people, that he was that dude and he has powerful people in powerful places, and I am sure they all need to be protected. This seems more of Godfather movie type tactic. Lets see how this pans out. Well so far it has panned out that a lawyer who could be connected to this shooting has been found dead by an apparent "suicide".. Less than 24 hours ago, they had no suspects, so we are led to believe that a lawyer dressed as a FedEx driver and murdered a fellow lawyer's son. Hmmmmmmm

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