Saturday, July 11, 2020

662 World News Wrap Up: Trump Pardons Stone, Ghislaine Maxwell wants out of Jail, The MacCloskey's Served, Elon Musk/Tesla Soars, Kanye West Crazy or FRFR

This week was a crazy week of news, so here is the "662 World News Wrap Up" by C. Hare. 

The most recent headline grabbing news, is President Trump pardoned long time friend and advisor Roger Stone today. The Democrats and Trump haters are having a field day of emotions and tweets directed at Trump. The Trump and Roger Stone supporters are thrilled with triumph after blaming President Obama Ops and other Democrats for illegally setting up Stone with "fake charges," all in the name of hurting Trump. 

Ghislaine Maxwell, is on a supposed suicide watch, denies Epstein allegations, and now she wants to be released because of her fear of "suicide" I mean Covid. She also probably feels entitled to being released since California Governor Gavin Newsome wants to release 8000 prisoners also due to Covid. So why not ? Right ? 

The now infamous St. Louis couple, the MacCloskey's were served with a search warrant today and the man of the house had his AR-15 confiscated. The local prosecutor believes the MacCloskey's are in the wrong for defending their private property with firearms which is actually legal in Missouri under the "Castle Law." The prosecutor is in idle on what charges she wants to press, so we will have to see how that pans out. But my opinion is that this is some BULLSHIT ! These protestors broke down a gate to a private street and walked through the MacCloskey's private property on their way to the mayor of St. Louis' house. 

Elon Musk's Tesla stock soared on the market today making a bunch of money for thousands and thousands of shareholders including my 17 year old daughter who hopes to one day own a Tesla. 

Kanye West, is done with Trump, and a misleading tweet had everyone thinking that West was serious about running for President, but many close to him think that he is ALL CAPS, and is off his meds!

T.I Challenged 50 Cent, 50 Cent laughed. Eminem dropped a new song with Kid Cudi which is posted on 662. Russ dropped a new song, go peep that on his twitter. 662 artist Nino Cruz from Rockford, Illinois dropped his teaser to his new video "Secret Weapon" that will be released July 15th on 662 Affiliate and Los Angeles rapper Blake Banks most recent video "Dance on My Grave" is close to pushing down 200K views and tonite he started filming for his next new video, which you will eventually see on 

Enjoy your Weekend
C. Hare

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