Tuesday, July 28, 2020

662 Lists Top 10 Rappers Over 40

So today on Twitter, I saw a Top 40 Rappers over 40 list which inspired me to really just break it down to who I think is the Top 10 Rappers over 40. Now Typically you would think that Jay-Z is number 1 and prolly deserves to be so especially since he has the most money out of ALL the rappers. But Kanye's crazy tactics, reality show kingpin of a wife, his business deals, twitter rants, dope music videos, and "presidential bid" lands him in my numero uno spot. The entire list can be debated by everyone and definitely picked apart but this is my take. Enjoy Kanye's video "Wash Us In The Blood" featuring Travis Scott !  

10.  Jadakiss
09.  Fat Joe
08.  Pusha-T
07.  Royce Da 5'9"
06.  Tech 9ine
05.  Rick Ross 
04.  Snoop Dogg
03.  Eminem
02.  Jay-Z
01.  Kanye West

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