Monday, June 29, 2020

Parler Users Skyrocket, Emerges Through Twitters Censorship, Becomes #1 "News" App on Apple !

In the world of power and politics, its a "dog eat dog world". Usually these politicians battle it out in debates, on social media, or with nasty radio and tv ads. But this year, 2020, its the "Left" vs everybody else who is does not claim the "Left" for whatever reason you can possibly think of. The "Left", has brought out their big guns this election year, from Tom Hanks having "Covid",  to Bill Gates and Vaccines, to George Soros and Antifa, to full on destruction with a Democratic backed "BLM" movement. This year, this election year, has caused the most divide in this country EVER ! The "Left" has called upon their Hollywood Elite and Silicon Valley Tech brethren to help silence and censor conservative pundits, journalists, and even the President himself. Last week Twitter, banned two very popular conservatives, and a few of President Trump's tweets, causing over 750,000 people to join the fast growing social media platform Parler.  Parler was founded by John Matze Jr in 2018 and is now dubbed the "Conservative Twitter" and has seen its biggest growth since its conception, more than doubling its total amount of users to almost 2 million in less than one week. Parler is so popular right now that it has taken over the #1 spot for most downloaded "News" app in the Apple Store. You can follow me on Parler at @ChrisHare662 ! If anyone from Parler sees this, please contact me at or hit me up on Parler ! 

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