Tuesday, June 30, 2020

India "Cancels" Tik Tok and 60 Other Chinese Apps (Citing Security & Privacy Concerns)

Your kids favorite social media app Tik Tok gets the Axe. As a border war brews up between India & China, India banned Tik Tok and approximately 60 other Chinese based Apps to its nearly 700 million online users. India citing "security & privacy" concerns decided to "cancel" Tik Tok yesterday amid a battle 2 weeks ago that left over 20 casualties for India and an unknown amount from the Chinese Army. A government official from India says that.... "these Chinese Apps were stealing and.... transmitting data in an unauthorized manner to servers outside of India." 

Which is some BULLSHIT !! So we now know for sure for sure that China I mean Tik Tok is also doing that to us here in American. Should Trump ban Tik Tok ?

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