Thursday, June 18, 2020

Blake Banks "Burn This City Down" (Official Audio)

Inspired during the recent global shut down, Blake Banks delivers an anthem of inspiration in the form of a new hit single "Burn This City Down". 
Quote: “This isn’t a song about peace or violence. I wrote this song like a month ago ‘cuz I thought to myself, “I wonder when my generation is gonna get fed up and be like, ‘fuck this shit’ - and start a revolution”. Anyways, here it is “Burn This City Down” I hope it inspires you to do whatever you gotta do to make a change.” -Blake Banks
Generation after generation we continue to fight the exhausting war here in our own home streets, for freedom and equality, yet chaos flows freely across the nation as if it rang from the Liberty Bell itself. As the communities across the nation band together, Banks lends his voice to ignite the fire inside citizens around the world. Have the faith that even if our cities are burnt to the ground, we will rebuild it from the ashes stronger than ever. We the people are the perfect union and united we are in control. Be on the lookout for more new music, visuals, and controversy from Banks as he releases more Top 40, Dirty Pop, Outlaw Country, Rap, genre blending singles from his upcoming independent album RiskyBusiness. Be the first to add it into your playlist now.