Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Machine Gun Kelly "Bloody Valentine" starring Megan Fox (Official Video)

Even though I am an Eminem fan through and through, and I know as an Eminem fan that when MGK went at him, that he was hitting some hardcore puns, and direct in your face Eminem-esqe punchlines and reverse slams. However, "Killshot" was Eminem telling Kelly to just pipe down and go sit in the corner little boi (lol I know I know MGK fans just relax), anyway MGK has been Boss-ing up the last couple years, from his acting gigs, to beefing with industry titans, G-Eazy and Eminem, to his consistent release of music and now for his new video "Bloody Valentine" starring Megan Fox. And yes Brian Austin Green, her husband knows about it. Peep Kelly's new video. 

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