Sunday, May 17, 2020

Blazo "Heard Me" Shot by @FilmOrDieEnt & "The Evolution of Blazo" Video !

#815 Rapper, Promoter, & Businessman, Blazo, dropped his new visual a couple weeks ago entitled "Heard Me" shot by @FilmOrDieEnt. 4 Days ago Blazo released "The Evolution of Blazo" a 14 minute video detailing the evolution of Blazo's artistry and growth. I myself along with Berto from Covert Empire filmed and directed the Blazo & A-West video "Think Im Weezy" back in the day day and that shit was the shit. Shout out to Blaze & Covert ! You can follow @iamblazo_nla1 on IG. Be sure to like, subscribe and follow Blazo on YouTube after you peep his video. 

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