Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Blake Banks "Dance On My Grave" (Official Audio) Video Coming Soon !

Blake Banks goes all out in his new single, “Dance On My Grave”. This song will have you dance, shout, and damn near shake your body down to the ground. An instant hit that gives you a top 40 sound that bends the rules with his lyrical content, and melodic punchlines. The Los Angeles based, Illinois native has been carving out his own groove to the top for years collaborating with artists like Post Malone, and Young Thug’s protege Lil Duke. Banks is generating millions of streams with a sound that attracts fans of every musical genre from Hip-Hop to Pop, giving listeners a new sound with every release backed by the same brand name you know and love. But this time, he’s put together a band to accompany his new project “Risky Business”. Little is known about the Risky Business Band, but more information is unfolding as Banks hand feeds us each track off the album as singles & tells his tale with each music video release.

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