Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Dax drops cinematic video for "Wack Ass Rappers 2"

Canadian Rapper, YouTuber and viral sensation Dax, released a very creative visual for "Wack Ass Rappers 2" last week. Last week Chanel West Coast dropped her video "I Be Like" which featured Dax and that didn't go over so well but his name has been buzzing on social media for days now. As "Wack Ass Rappers 2" approaches 800,000 views, one rapper Gawne dropped a diss track and video "End Game" which to me was pretty lyrical and hip hop-ish but was still a little on the boring side. I feel Dax's fan base, social media and popularity will continue to rise. He will be hitting the road soon for a tour so be on the look out for his dates. You can follow @ThatsDax on IG. 

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