Thursday, August 8, 2019

C. Hare of Borgata / Owner of, Schedules 1st Interview Ever !

662online Owner, C. Hare of Borgata, will be giving an in-depth interview on the "Unapologetically Ignorant" Podcast this Sunday. It will be available for streaming sometime next week on Apple and Spotify. Born & Raised in Rockford, Illinois, C. Hare has been contributing to the local & national music scene for over 19 years. From SXSW to Warped Tour, from New York City to Los Angeles Miami to Seattle, The man behind Borgata MoB, Fresco, Black Lung, #MoBSHIT, The White Boy Wasted Era, Rockford Marketing Company, and the #815Rockstar Movement that united the Hip Hop scene in Rockford over 7 years ago will speak for the first time about his past and current involvements in the Music Industry. You Can follow C. Hare at @BorgataMOB on IG. 

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