Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Mr. DustyFace New Single "Ride" Ft. (Tef Poe, King Bino, Stik Figa, Gritz)

Watch How The Midwest (Rockford Il, Chicago Il, St. Louis Mo & Topeka Kansas) Form Like Voltron on This Production. "Ride" Is a Real Song With Real Lyrics. Each Artist Shines In Their Own Right While Displaying Undeniable Chemistry Over a Gangsta Smooth Soulful Backdrop to Create Classic Sounding Record.

Mr. DustyFace is a talented music producer based in Rockford, Illinois. He has a diverse, engaging and entertaining style, often combining genres as diverse as hip-hop, soul, R&B. However, he’s also familiar with other styles, including world music, and rock. Mr. DustyFace has been exposed to a wide range of musical influences, and for this reason, his own style is remarkably eclectic.

Recently, he released a single titled “815,” which is currently available on all digital platform, along with his current single, “Ride,” up on the artist’s official Soundcloud page, and is now on all the other digital platforms!

What makes Mr. DustyFace’s music really stand out is the amount of heart and passion he pours into his production. He has been a music lover for his entire life, and he never stopped perfecting his skills and refining his vision. From his early beat-making years throughout high-school, to his accomplished modern production, anything goes!

Artist: Mr. DustyFace 
(feat. Tef Poe, Stik Figa, King Bino & Gritz)

Producer: Mr. DustyFace

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