Friday, February 16, 2018

Fresh Off His Major Performance with Dizzy Wright, Chicago Emcee Vonte Drops New Video For the City “Living In Hell” ft. Richie Wes & Prepping for Mixtape “NIGGA”

Vonte drops new visual “Living In Hell” giving a dark yet hopeful perspective of Chicago. After receiving major press from his recent music, Vonte displays he love for his city giving a fresh view of not only the violence but through the eyes of growing up in this harsh environment. The dark and cinematic lighting along with the scenic background forces fans to focus on Vonte and Richie Wes meaningful bars while feeling hopeful. Living in Hell personifies the other side of Vonte’s perception, yet he continues to deliver a message to not only educate but to inspire.

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Watch Vonte's new video "Living in Hell", here on Youtube