Thursday, June 22, 2017

K Noble is Taking You Back to School with Debut Project Life Lessons of The Noble

Hip Hop Rapper K Noble drops debut album Life Lessons of the Noble. The project describes his struggles and life lessons he’s learned throughout his journey. He gives advice of staying consistent and committed which he emphasized in new singles “Pursuit of Success, ” and “Higher Powered.” He targets his naysayers calling out the crabs in the barrel were the ones who once tried to prevent his progression is challenged.

With production from Sen Beatz and feature from Add 2, Life Lessons of The Noble project gives the feel of conscious rap and R&B vibes. When competing in the music industry K Noble makes it evident through the delivery of breathtaking rhymes motivating the average joe who’s going through struggles and understanding the journey is precious. Throughout the project, he encourages his fans to keep moving and pushing forward. Compared to the typical industry sound, Life Lessons of The Noble is more motivating than the most along with his style of rap while narrating a story of struggle and change.

Listen here: