Sunday, April 9, 2017

Chicago Flyest Fendi Frost Drops New Trendy Single "Supa Fly" Tributing to Kanye, Dipset, Jay-z & More (Produced by Billionaire Boycott)

Fresh off his newly release EP "Filling A Void," Supa Fly describes the epitome of being fly, insecure and positivity. "Supa Fly" consists of melodic synths, with an incredible bass line, and a flow that plays off of the cadence of Billionaire Boyscout's instrumental. On the surface "Supa Fly" comes off as just a catchy song that pays homage to fashion forward artists but it contains a message beyond the outer layer that powerfully describes why men really get "fly" and all of the negativity that comes along with being on top. Fendi give introspect of what goes on in the brain of many young men, yet dresses up the lesson of what the meaning of an ego represents.
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