Wednesday, February 8, 2017

7 Things You Need to Know About Marvel's Iron Fist (Netflix March 17th)

With Netflix debuting Marvel's "Iron Fist" next month, I thought I would share 7 things you need to know about Danny Rand aka Iron Fist. 

1. He is a Billionaire like Tony Stark but disappears for years only to return to his city and family business such as Oliver Queen.
2. He was trained in K'un-Lun.
3. He gained his power from defeating a Dragon
4. He is actually the 66th person to be Iron Fist (comic book shit)
5. His archenemy is Steel Serpent 
6. Luke Cage is his BFF
7. And as friends share things such as women, Danny Rand's lover is one of Luke Cage's lovers Misty Knight, the hot cop on Netflix's Luke Cage