Tuesday, January 17, 2017

KD Young Cocky Debuts His New Video "Work For It" from the EP Take A Hit

KD Young Cocky shows a more mellow and sincere side to his music with the release of his latest video “Work For It”. This laid back tune talks about KD working his way up, how he has no time for people with a broke mentality or haters and how he expects others to hustle for theirs. With his cash laid out on fine china and a drink in his hand, KD takes us around the lavish mansion spitting bars like “Out the mud; had to get it out the mud” referring to how pressing the hustle world can be for someone trying to find a way out. A perfect segue to show KD Young Cocky’s transition from a kid in Chicago to the man he is becoming. The video also takes viewers inside one of his performances full of high energy and packed with tons of fans, vibing out to his music & energy.