Monday, September 5, 2016

Chicago Producer Lord Haiti Releases the Video for His Title Track “OMS (On My Sou)l”

One of the Midwest's rising producers Lord Haiti has created the perfect visual for his single “OMS (On My Soul)”. OMS is a collection of sounds, that serve as the background music for an ode to our universe and its energy. Lord Haiti applies his conscious to create visuals for the single that depict the events and circumstances we are experiencing, today. It can be said that the images of the video are telling a story of human origin and evolution. The video portrays a subliminal undertone, where the use of eyes repeatedly throughout can be seen as call to action: encouraging listeners to open their eyes and pay attention to the world around them! Lord Haiti combines abstract art and animation to effortlessly to tell this story, in a song where the music speaks for itself.

Go into a deeper realm with “OMS”. Listen here!

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