Thursday, July 28, 2016

Artist & Dash Radio Host Sean Mula 's New Single “Summertime” Carries Listeners Through Sunny L.A.

Hip Hop artist and producer Sean Mula has spiked the temperature with his new single "Summertime". Teaming up with his college friend, singer Dylan Rockoff on his new single, the new single has potential to be named the newest summer anthem for 2016. "Summertime" kicks off with a solid tempo you can bounce to, and a story line that is as serene as if you could feel the California breeze hitting your face. Sean Mula takes listeners on a journey, making appearance at parties on Hillside, enjoying bong rips , skinny dipping; all the fun that encompasses the dream of California living.

“Summertime” is for the young, free spirited youth who enjoys authentic tacos, whiskey, and Mary Jane. Dylan’s soulful hook, seals the deal bringing the concept of the collaboration creating the ideal debut single to ride, dance or vibe to. The single debuted on Dash Radio’s show, “The Kick Back” garnering great feedback and launching the single to a broad audience.

Click here to listen to "Summertime" x Sean Mula ft. Dylan Rockoff, today!

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