Wednesday, June 22, 2016

EZKIEL - Drugz

With a serenading voice and sensual tone, singer/songwriter Ezkiel bares all emotions in his new single “Drugz”. In the song, Ezkiel is confessing to his lady about their relationship. The singer admits to how he realizes people’s opinions began to damage the connection between the two lovers and how memories of the past will always linger. Ezkiel, whose voice is accompanied by a deep bass and harmonious melody, expresses to the woman how he wants the relationship to withstand all of the drama and disagreements, despite how she may feel towards him. The intense emotion in the song, packed with apologies, admiration, and and hopes of romance trumped by reality, Ezkiel makes it plain that this woman’s love is like a drug.

 Listen To  "Drugz" Now:

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