Wednesday, May 11, 2016

New AM Early Morning Single "AHHHHH" Featuring Vic Spencer

AHHHHHH! invites elements of classic hard-hitting hip hop, soul and house all in one. A.M. Early Morning makes an attempt to mix nostalgia with a cutting edge tone. This audio provides listeners with an adrenaline rush such as mixtape Wayne, early Eminem or Jay-Z in the “22 Twos” era. Some ears have to warm up to A.M. Early Morning’s voice. It’s occasionally modulated for effect not eccentricity. AHHHHH! provides listeners with ominous minor chords, open-ended quests and brass flares. A.M. puts his own spin on the verse while Vic Spencer calls himself the "Big Bad Wolf," adding hard-hitting punch lines & metaphors to the track. Their chemistry on the song aligns perfectly, giving it the perfect elements of great lyrics, engaging content, short and sweet.

 Social Media: @AMEarlyMorning @VicSpencer

 Listen to new "AHHHHH" joint below:


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