Wednesday, April 13, 2016

NEW VIDEO: Blazo Drops Visual "Mental" off Debut Project "Tables Always Turn"

Blazo drops dope visuals for new single "Mental" off debut mixtape "Tables Always Turn." After gaining major buzz from his most recent released project, Blazo is consistently dropping jewels off the mixtape, letting his fans and new fans know he is in it for the long haul. Mental video is simple yet perfect for the mood of the song,the dope hotel view and angles set the scene, keeping you engaged in the visual. Blazo created a love rap song for women saying they are more than just eye candy. He wants to get into her head and really see what she's about, taking the physical part of the night to the next level by learning about his girl. Ignoring the lavish part. Wanting a chic that is the Bonnie to his Clyde or Michelle to Obama, someone who is down with him no matter what. With the many "models" of the industry and digital age, there are few and far between women who can tap into their "Mental." Tap into your mental with Blazo.



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