Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Elite Society Is Back With New Single "These Days" (Feat. Lionel & KY Soul)

Revolutionary group Elite Society is back with new single "These Days" ft Lionel and KY Soul. "These Days" starts off with a poem, narrating the hostile environment we live in today, such as police brutality, poverty, laziness and the lack of love among ourselves.

 Elite Society informs that we reside in a society where we are constantly bombarded with lavish apparels and lifestyles from the media, instead of working harder to attain our goals especially with all the odds working against us. The music elaborates on our generation's new affirmed mentality of materialism, rather than choosing to acquire intelligence and self worth. Through Elite Society's sensitive lyrics and deep words, "These Days" teaches us that love is the essence for our generation to thrive.

 Listen to "These Days" below:
  Social Media: @WeRElitesociety

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