Thursday, April 28, 2016

AM Early Morning Drops New "Sexy B*****s And Champagne" Single Off Late Night Early Morning II

Just in time for the liberating days of warmer weather, Chicago based rap artist A.M. Early Morning, has created yet another anthem with his newest single “Sexy B*tches and Champagne”. This cruise worthy song is the product of an unlikely encounter the artist had, while attending a wedding one evening.The artist recounts a tale of meeting a woman at a Jewish wedding and, after expressing to her how beautiful he thought the women in the room to be, the woman replied “Ain't nothing but sexy b*tches and champagne here, baby!" and from there, the story unfolds. A.M. Early Morning uses this song to tell listeners that all he wants, essentially, is to enjoy life to the fullest extent, celebrating with nothing but good energy, high times, Sexy B*tches, and Champagne.

 Social Media: @AMEarlyMorning

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