Friday, March 11, 2016

Elite Society's Don Dale Releases New Music "African Akata Motivation" Feat. Omo Yeye & Asta Chicago

Fearlessly confronting the negative comments thrown their way, Elite Society member, Don Dale collaborates with fuji artist Omo Yeye on "African Akata Motivation." With "akata" meaning African American, the new joint features special African flare with the Nigerian Yoruba language insinuated together with English that will catch anyone's attention.

 The music elaborates the lifestyle of being a Nigerian youth growing up in the United States, trying to figure out where they fit within both cultures. This music encourages people to not focus on haters but to instead grind hard and embrace their culture. It seems like we will be exploring more with Don Dale's unique sound, schooling us on what the "African Akata" life is like through his perspective.


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